Our workshops are our opportunity to bring our connections with members of the BabyFist family off the screen and into a room.

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Ana Mish Feminist 

A workshop to introduce a variety of topics under the umbrella of gender-based issues in the Arab world. It's designed to allow discussion of taboo topics as well expression of sensitive experiences in a safe space .


"What surprised me the most is the stories I've heard from the beautiful women that were with us and how hard being a female can be, whether you live in the middle east or not. In addition to the stories typed as part of typewriter project, they were honest and vulnerable."

"After my departure I was sad it was over and I felt there was more to discuss and open up to ! but at the same time I am glad it took place, it made feel powered as a female by which other females share my thoughts, I felt comfortable walking the streets, like I have a backbone now."

"The group worked really well together! Everyone cared about what each of us had to say, we allowed others to speak, and we built upon each others comments and stories. I also felt that everyone was exceptionally respectful."