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BabyFist Donates 10% of Proceeds to the Fight for Women's Self-Sufficiency.

A Movement For Empowerment

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Clothing made in Palestine for a cause & designed to start a conversation about Gendered Oppression

BabyFist was born in Palestine out of the urge to create pieces of clothing to empower women (identified peoples) as they go about their day.

We work to unearth the labyrinth of gender-based issues affecting women, men, and everyone in-between and provide a safe space in which we can discuss and challenge those issues, with the conviction that deviating from the norm is be celebrated.

Supporting Local Palestinian Businesses 

BabyFist manufacturers its apparel with small family-run businesses across the West Bank and Gaza, aiming to foster growth in Palestine's textile industry. We believe in radical transparency and ethical production.

Empowerment & Social Change

10% of our proceeds for 2019 help fund our Menstrual Education Campaign. After hosting this workshop with 150 girls in 2018, our goal is to educate 1000 girls about their bodies and to de-stigmatize womanhood. Learn more here.

Exploring & Celebrating Arab Identity 

BabyFist unearths the labyrinth of gender-based issues affecting Arab women throughout the world from a place of compassion and unconditional fond regard, with the conviction that challenging the status quo is to be celebrated.

Harvesting Love

Video shot and edited by Malak Saleh, featuring the BabyFist story and the behind the scenes footage from our latest shoot.

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