Supporting Local Businesses

Here at BabyFist we think about each step in the process of bringing our designs from paper to life. We want you to know exactly where your apparel comes from on the map, how it was made, and who made it. We share this information on the product pages of our website so that you're informed as you browse. This way you get to see total impact of your purchase and know the contribution you're making to the local Palestinian economy. 


Gaza Textile Industry

Because Gaza has been under siege for over a decade, its textile industry is only at 13% of what it once was. We have joined the effort to rebuild the industry and make our denim jackets there. 


Women's Co-op

Made up of 25 women across 11 villages in the West Bank, this co-op features hardworking mothers and wives dedicating their free time to supporting their families. After tending to her family, each woman sets aside 3 to 4 hours a day to embroider.  One jacket takes about 3 days to complete. Investing in these women's skills in traditional Palestinian embroidery helps keep the heritage alive and vibrant. 



Giving Back

We believe in uniting the various efforts to empower women in Palestine so we partnered with a local organization to help fund their powerful work.


Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development (PWWSD)

10% of our proceeds are donated to PWWSD.

In their words, here is their mission:

The Palestinian Working Women Society for Development aims for gender equality and the eradication of all forms of discrimination against women, through empowering and mobilizing women’s participation in the struggle against the Israeli occupation, the contribution to the development processes, the promotion of woman’s political, economic and civil rights and the expansion of women’s access to justice through improving psychological well-being among women and girls, and combating gender-based violence.


Celebrating Arab Identity & Diversity

Acceptance and empathy are at the heart of our creative process here at BabyFist. We believe that Arab identity is complex and inherently undefinable. Defying definition and shattering stereotypes are to be encouraged and celebrated.


Visual Representation

Our photoshoots feature the people we always wanted to see growing up: ourselves. We celebrate the rainbow of Arab identity, the varieties of body types, and the deconstruction of gender and beauty norms. Right on. 


Brain Food and Heart Hugs

BabyFist unearths the labyrinth of gender-based issues affecting Arab women and men (and everyone in-between) throughout the world from a place of compassion and unconditional fond regard, with the conviction that deviating from the norm is to be celebrated. Our blogs explore issues of identity from gender-based issues to Arab identity. Everyone has a place to come to, learn, contribute, connect, and find a family.


Socially Engaged Art Projects

These are projects designed to spark conversations about social change. We believe that people's voices aren't heard enough and we work to encourage the act of speaking up. Our projects embark on the mission to remind everyone their voices are valuable and capable of producing change.



Not Your Habibti

By way of typewriter, Not Your Habibti is an ongoing series created to illuminate the issue of street harassment on urban Palestinian streets and to open an honest and uncensored dialogue amongst women affected by said harassment.


موءودة، محررة

Translating into "Buried , Freed," موءودة، محررة is  a traveling exhibition featuring letters about gender-based oppression and discrimination. Collected from men and women in the West Bank, Italy, and the United States, the letters seek to amplify the voices buried by society about our rights.