Bela 3eb Bela Batee5 Print

Bela 3eb Bela Batee5 Print

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We teamed up with the Sakina Saidi, a French Moroccan illustrator, to create a limited edition print designed to raise funds for our Menstrual Education campaign.

The print features the words بلا ,عيب نلا بطيخ which literally translate into 'No Shame, No Watermelon.” In other words, this common Arabic phrase means “No Nonsense,” illustrating just how ridiculous shame is. Along with educating young girls about their bodies, the goal of the campaign is to challenge shame and celebrate the fact that our bodies are beautiful, powerful, and entirely our own.

This item is available for pre-sale and is scheduled to ship out on May 15th.

This project is running throughout 2019 to educate 5th and 6th grade school girls in Palestine about menstruation. Learn more about it here. 10% of proceeds fund this initiative.

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