The BabyFist family is built on the freedom and safety to find your voice and share your story. Sharing your voice in a society constructed to bury it is difficult, but finding your voice after what may be a lifetime of burial is a different challenge altogether, especially when it means forcing yourself into the unfamiliar.

The key to healing and growth is knowing your voice and its worth. The BabyFist family is made up of those who have had their hearts broken by the tragic cruelty of humanity, yet who have emerged with healed hearts free of bitterness and full of love. We ask men,women, and everyone in-between to share their stories because we know that the first step of personal healing and collective change comes from expression.

Part of our mission to encourage women to share their stories is the Not Your Habibti Typewriter Series. In this project our founder, Yasmeen Mjalli, takes a typewriter to public spaces to document women and men's stories. We wanted to create an online form for those unable to come to our Typewriter events but still want to share. 

So, go on. Share your story with us. Tell us your opinion. We want to hear it all. 


Include My Story in the Not Your Habibti Exhibition (anonymously, of course)

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