Meet the Team



Founder & Creative Director

I am a social entrepreneur, artist, and Duke University grad student whose work includes critical writing, cross-disciplinary workshops, and social-engagement projects. I have this thing for collective cultural experiences and women's rights.

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Social Impact & Managing Director

I am a persuasive lawyer committed to women’s rights and gender equality (I even went all the way to Iceland to study gender equality at UNU). In my free time I study for my MA in Contemporary Arab Studies. I have been living on books and poetry for 24 years.

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I am a photographer based in New York. When I'm not analyzing data for social policies as a technical research assistant, I'm out capturing the beauty and thoughts of individuals of all backgrounds, with a focus on those who are underrepresented in the media. Helping people start or continue their journey with self-love is what makes me happiest.



Store Associate

I'm a 22 year old from Nablus. I studied culinary arts in Istanbul, Turkey. Food and art are my passion but I love being around and helping people. I'm outgoing and confident--which are my tools for helping realize BabyFist’s mission.