location: Gaza

employees: 65

established: 1987

Hassan Shehadeh and Brothers Company

Most of our team has never visited this factory because it is virtually impossible to obtain permission to enter Gaza. We communicate over the phone to bring a design from paper to your closet. In the summer of 2017, we were connected with Hassan and his son through a consultant working to connect producers with manufacturers in Gaza. She assured us that he would be the right person to start producing our jackets with and we’ve been working together ever since.



The fabric used to manufacture our apparel is either sourced locally or from Europe and China, depending on what the item is and what is available. Often, production schedules are delayed due to erratically and indefinitely closed Israeli military checkpoints.



After a collection is completed, the apparel is transported from Gaza to our store in Ramallah by firstly being sent to Rafah checkpoint, located in Rafah refugee camp, a city bordering Egypt. The collection is then sent in a separate vehicle to a second checkpoint in the town of Tarqumiyah (12 kilometers from Hebron). From there, the collection is take in a separate vehicle to Hebron and from there it is taken to Ramallah. At each of the checkpoints, the apparel undergoes heavy security checks. We are also required to pay 1 shekel (.36 usd) for each article of clothing being transported, which can be costly for big orders.